We visit the Antiques Roadshow

The Antiques Roadshow came to the Black Country Museum today and The Heritage Trust took along a piece of Bretby Art Pottery.

After notifying the show in advance that we are now the owners of the Bretby Art Pottery Showroom we were invited to attend an early morning shoot where Paul Atterbury (who has worked on the show for over 20 years) stressed the importance to record the story of the many small potteries that previously existed throughout England whilst recognising that Bretby Ware played an important part in the Art & Crafts Movement.

Having visited the Showroom in the late 1970s Paul remembered how it struck him that the building appeared to be a time capsule with little change since Henry Tooth’s business was in its prime and he was saddened to see how neglected the building now looks.

Though we took a fine-looking Dragon stick/umbrella stand with merging coloured glaze that dates from the early 20th century but the shoot concentrated on the Showroom building and highlighted the importance that it is restored to its former glory.

We are now hoping that the rest of the Antiques Roadshow team shares Paul Atterbury’s enthusiasm and the clip makes it onto the final show and if it does you can expect to see it in Autumn this year.

To find out more about the Bretby Art Pottery Showroom click visit our projects page or want to find out more about how you can play a part in the repair of this iconic building click here

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