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The Bretby Pottery Showroom is the last physical link to the world famous Bretby Art Pottery brand and after being neglected for several years it is now in a state of disrepair.

After acquiring the building last year, we have undertaken some emergency work to make the building secure and dry but to ensure its long-term future the building needs a sustainable new use.

We would love to retain links to the buildings past and its pottery heritage with a use that incorporates elements of pottery production or the arts. Though the building still needs a great deal of work that will result in the total restoration we wish to establish links with interested parties now.

Ceramic Review have kindly published an article to raise the buildings profile and assist us with finding those who work within the pottery industry or perhaps are just collectors and may wish to be involved in this exciting project in some way.

If you worked at the Bretby Pottery site in Woodville, have an associated interest or if you would like be involved with this project, then please contact us.

Though it is going to be approximately 3 years until the building is fully restored it might be somewhere for you start or expand your business and we welcome any enquiries even at this early stage. Please contact us to find out more.

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