HLF Grant Awarded

The Heritage Trust are pleased to announce the exciting and wonderful news that they have successfully won their bid for Heritage Lottery Fund support.

We are very pleased to share the great news that The Heritage Trust have received £10,000 from the Heritage Lottery Fund East Midlands to help the organisation and its latest project to evolve. Led by volunteers from the local community The Heritage Trust will be focusing on strengthening and building the capacity of its core members to make it more resilient in its role as a local building preservation trust. The funding will also enable The Bretby Art Pottery Showroom project to be a success by funding further community consultation and feasibility work to support an appropriate use for the site.

Being formed to rescue historic buildings at risk in the Midlands area the Trust aims to involve and educate more people in the importance of our heritage through their work and enable skills generation in traditional building techniques.

Having recently acquired the Bretby Art Pottery Showroom in Woodville Derbyshire, a very important Art Nouveau building and the last remaining physical link to the former Tooth & Co Pottery who manufactured the world famous “Bretby Art Pottery Ware”. The Trust intends to make this building the focal point of their latest project which will focus on providing a centre for the local community and those from further afield to experience and learn many traditional crafts and skills including pottery. It is hoped to provide training and employment opportunities to all ages and abilities with links being established through education and communities. The project will allow for the continuation of pottery production on the site and allow for the retention of traditional skills that face the ever present danger of being wiped out.

Michael Faulkner a trustee from The Heritage Trusts said,

“This is marvellous news we are so excited about being given funding from The Heritage Lottery to help to deliver our latest project, it is very important to the local area that this building is saved with community involvement and to allow the story of the Bretby Art Pottery to continue. I am passionate about all of our built heritage and being given the opportunity to strengthen our organisation is great and will help us to achieve our long-term aim of being able to rescue more buildings throughout the Midlands”.

And John Somers who is also a trustee added,

“The funding provided by the Heritage Lottery Fund East Midlands is going to enable us to build-up our core members whilst strengthening the organisation and making it more fit for purpose. So many of our traditional skills and crafts are fading away and The Heritage Trust is very keen to do all it can to prevent this from happening. Pottery was once a major employer within South Derbyshire and being the owners of such an important part of this story, buts more emphasis, on the importance of using the Bretby Art Pottery Showroom for teaching pottery amongst other traditional skills at the site will be a large benefit to the community”

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