Theatres Trust Releases 2016 At Risk List

The Theatres Trust have released their buildings at risk list today and it reveals that there are 36 theatres which are most at risk throughout the UK with 3 new theatres being added from England and 3 new theatres from Scotland, sadly these include 3 theatres which have returned to the register.

Successful progress has been made with some of the theatres which are at risk and things are starting to look promising for the Brighton Hippodrome. A local community group have been built up and viability study completed and with further funding being secured the Grade II* listed circus theatre could soon see live performances.

Of those added to the list is the Broadway Theatre in Peterborough which is currently under threat from redevelopment for residential use. The building contains one of the finest remaining interiors of the Odeon chain and was converted for theatre use in 2001.

It is sad news that the Derby Hippodrome remains on the list and it still unclear if any attempts to rescue the building have any chance of being successful. Being left deserted and nearly roofless the building is becoming a regular target for arsonists and it is only the strength of the original construction which saving it from being lost.

You can download the complete Theatres Trust list here and further details of the organisation can be found at

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