Scheduled Ancient Monument to Suffer Further Neglect

Located in Derbyshire the Swarkstone causeway was built in the 13th century to provide a crossing over the River Trent and the surrounding marshes being first mentioned in 1204. Though some alterations have occurred the majority of the structure dates from the 13th and 14th century and stretches for just under a mile. Primarily built of local sandstone and consisting of 17 arches it is the longest stone bridge in England and also the longest inland bridge.

Being an important crossing it has been featured in many battles and was the southernmost point that Bonny Prince Charlie reached in 1745.

Unfortunately, the bridge still provides the main crossing of the river at this point and for many years it has been subjected to heavy traffic and frequent crashes resulting in damage to the parapet walls. Being Grade I Listed and also a Scheduled Ancient Monument many in Derbyshire have campaigned for a much needed bypass to prevent further damage to the historic fabric, but despite continued efforts this alternative route has been rejected again.

It is such a shame that this historic monument is failing to receive the respect it deserves from our council. For too many years it has been vandalised by the heavy traffic that it is subjected to day in and day out. Will those in the council who are responsible for this ongoing onslaught be finally happy when no historic fabric is left? Too much of taxpayer’s money is wasted on ridiculous schemes that those in power dream up and not enough on the protection and repair of our counties wonderful heritage! read more

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