Why is this building being left to rot?

Located on the former site of the GNR station in Derby the GNR Engine House was formerly the building in which the engine was located that powered the winches and lifts for the large bonded warehouse which stands behind. Given a grade II listing in 1986 the building was used by a local pine furniture manufacture for many years for their showroom and also for storage. Though the company had vacated the building several years before the photo of 2011 (shown left) the building remained in a wind and watertight state. A fire two years later in the autumn of 2013 resulted in the loss of a large proportion of the roof and much of the joinery, along with the tragic death of a homeless person who was sleeping inside. Following the fire the owner covered the remainder of the roof not with any waterproofing sheeting, but just flimsy netting, which we presume was prevent any falling debris.

Now over two and half years after the fire no attempts have been made to make the building watertight and one wonders how long it will be before the building faces the same fate as the once grand warehouse it used to power and becomes no more than a roofless shell. For some reason Derby City Council is ignoring the fate of this building and the adjacent warehouse and not utilising its powers to force the owner to complete repairs.

#heritageatrisk #HAR

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