GNR Warehouse Derby At Risk

The Friar Gate station site in the centre of Derby comprises of several important historical features and three grade II listed buildings.

Having been left in a derelict state for many years, it has now become a more prominent feature of the city with the opening of the new inner ring road which has opened up a new view of the large warehouse.

Originally the site was part of the Great Northern Railway (GNR) and included a passenger station at Friar Gate which opened in 1878. The introduction of the new line into the town caused much devastation with many fine 18th and 19th century building having to be demolished and some locals opposed the development.

Being a time of great industrial expansion the railway not only served passengers, but also transported all types of goods and to accommodate these, a large warehouse was built by Kirk & Rendell of Sleaford in 1877. This substantial grade II brick building was constructed on the embankment and included below ground storage with tunnels linking to the road networks. Unfortunately the years of neglect of this structure has resulted in much of the building being vandalised and many of the internal features have been lost though much of the historical significance has been retained with it also being aesthetically important with much character built into the original design.

A planning application for the whole site was registered with the council in early March 2011 which would help to preserve this important area of the city, but no work has been done on site and the building still continues to deteriorate.


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