The Heritage Trust needs your support to help us to continue to save Heritage at Risk

The Heritage Trust

The Heritage Trust is a registered charity that was formed to help to rescue historic buildings and is run by an enthusiastic group of volunteers.


The Trust aims to provide help to those who are actively involved in the rescue and repair of heritage at risk in the Midlands and surrounding counties. We work independently and in partnership with others to acquire the freehold or leasehold of historic buildings which are threatened with dereliction. Many of the buildings which we endeavour to save are often being ignored and have previously proved difficult to reuse and repair via conventional routes.


Grants and funding can sometimes be secured to assist in covering the cost of this work, but these are often oversubscribed and competitively sort after. To enable The Heritage Trust to complete its vital work and provide match funding when required we rely on the donations that we receive. Often a campaign will be undertaken for the rescue and repair of a building which we have taken on and monetary and non-monetary donations are excepted. There is also a need for funding to allow for the other work of the Trust and to enable our battle to save important heritage to continue.


If you share our passion for heritage and would like to help we except monetary donations by all of the following methods:

Givey helps charities to raise money and makes it easy to donate amounts from £1 - £100 Gift Aid can be claimed and 5% transaction fee is charged visit our Givey page here

PayPal allows charities to collect donations via PayPal accounts or by credit/debit cards with a 1.4% + 20p per donation fee. The donate button is located throughout our site and simply click on it to make a donation.

Run by Vodaphone the text giving service allows phone users from any network to easily donate amounts from £1 to £10 and does not charge any fee and allows for Gift Aid. To donate using this method simply text BAPS16  followed by the amount including the £ sign to 70070

MyDonate offers the opportunity for fundraising, sponsorship and donations and is a free service which offered to charities from BT. Due to there being no fees when using the BT service it is our preferred method for receiving donations.

For large donations we would recommend that you contact us first and arrangements can be made to have the money transferred directly into our bank account.

Crowdfunding is used to raise awareness and support for our projects and is used by us when we need to raise a specific amount. The site allows pledges to be made and if the amount set for the project target is reached the funds are donated less the fees incurred.


Bequest left in wills help greatly with our cause and can be tailored to ensure that the gift is spent in a way that you desire. For example, this can be on a building of your choice which is facing an uncertain future or to help to protect a building of a certain type. The size of the gift is not of any great importance, they can be large or small, but you can be sure that they will be used for preserving heritage and make a big difference to our organisation.


To make bequest requires changes to be made to your existing will by codicil or the preparation of a new will and we recommend that this work is undertaken by a solicitor or a qualified will writer. A legacy can be left for The Heritage Trust’s general charitable activity or for the use of a specific purpose and can be done in one of the following ways:


Residuary Legacy

The residual of your estate is what is left after all other expenses, legacies, tax and debt have been paid. The gift can be all of this residue or a percentage of this amount and will not be affected by inflation.


Pecuniary Legacy

This will leave a stated amount to a named person or organisation and is affected by inflation so can be devalued over time, so it should be reviewed regularly.


Specific Legacy

This allows for a specific item or items to be gifted to The Heritage Trust and you must always ensure that this asset or assets are described correctly to allow for their easy identification.


To find out more about leaving a legacy then please contact us.

Gift Aid

If you are a UK taxpayer and donating to The Heritage Trust we can claim an extra 25p for every £1 that you give. All you need to do is complete one of the forms that can be be downloaded below and return this with your donation. If you wish to find out more about Gift Aid please go here.

Gift Aid Forms
Single donation form

Multiple donation form

Sponsorship donation form

If you are a UK taxpayer and pay less Income Tax and/or Capital Gains Tax in the current tax year than the amount of Gift Aid claimed on all of your donations it will be your responsibility to pay any difference.

The Heritage Trust is a Registered Charity, registration number: 1179050. View further details here

The Heritage Trust is a charity for tax purposes in line with Paragraph 1 of Schedule 6 Finance Act 2010

HMRC Charities reference number EW38196

Donate now via theBIgGIve site simply by clicking on the button.


The BigGive enables donors to find charities and offers the opportunity for doubling donations made, with match-funding. Like many of the sites, they do make a small charge for their services.