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Heritage at Risk

Throughout the UK many of our heritage buildings are being left to decay all too often this is a deliberate ploy by the owners who fear having to spend money on the upkeep of a building which ultimately, they would like to see demolished to realise the value of the land for redevelopment. Many of these buildings become un-safe, beyond economical repair or are destroyed by the all too regular occurrence of a fire.


Though Historic England composes an at risk register every year, many buildings located outside of London are in danger of being lost forever because they only have grade II status which currently means that they are excluded from this list. Other important buildings in our towns and cities do not gain national recognition for inclusion onto the statutory list, but are listed locally, though this offers some protection often they can still be overlooked and neglected. Awareness of these buildings needs to be raised to help to secure their future.


The Heritage Trust was formed to help in the fight against the destruction and loss of these important historical buildings and we are we currently actively engaged in various projects throughout the Midlands. To raise awareness of the many buildings at risk in our area we will be posting further information on our blog pages at regular intervals and also new information as and when it becomes available.


The Heritage Trust is always interested to hear from those who share our passion for our built heritage and if you know of a building in your area which is being neglected or threatened with demolition then please let us know.

We also offer advice on the care and maintenance of heritage buildings

  • Promote Sustainability  

  • Awareness of buildings at risk 

  • Viable reuse

At Risk on The Blog

Many of the buildings you have notified us about are listed in our blog and on twitter. Let's add more!


Derbyshire County Council prepares its own register of buildings at risk within the county and this currently lists 294 historic structures. View the grade I and grade II* buildings here

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Smiths Clock Works Derby

This building is located on Queens Street Derby and is the former for site for Smiths Clocks. After being vacated in 1998 the building has stood empty and left to decay.
Locally Listed at DCC


The Malthouse Ashbourne

Located in Church Street Ashbourne this former Malthouse has been unused for over 30 years and needs urgent attention before it becomes beyond repair.
On the at risk register a DDDC